Boost your team & career development

Performance Enhancement

We work with highly invested coaches only. If you qualify for our coaching education services, we can teach you how to maximize your team’s performance on and off the court through cutting-edge approaches and skills. You will learn how to:


  • Increase your and your players’ awareness
  • Identify your and your team’s purpose
  • Maintain your and your players’ focus consistently
  • Maximize your and your player’s motivation
  • Build your and your players’ confidence/mental toughness
  • Prepare yourself and your players for practices and games
  • Regulate your and your players’ energy and emotions
  • Build effective relationships through a strategic approach
  • Assess and accommodate your players’ learning styles
  • Provide unique and effective leadership to your team
  • Empower your players and (assistant) coaches
  • Boost your practice environment for player engagement
  • And more


Career Advancement

In addition to helping coaches with their and their team’s performance, we also provide assistance to highly motivated coaches who are looking to progress in their careers within their current organization or a new one. We can help you:


  • Outline a detailed and balanced coaching philosophy
  • Develop your unique coaching portfolio for job interviews
  • Prepare presentations to impress GMs, ADs and the like
  • Engage in mock interviews to make a strong impression
  • Prepare unique content to share via your social media, blog, etc.
  • Plan and execute community outreach and public relations
  • And more



  • 1-on-1 Consultations
  • Team Consultations
  • Coaching Staff Consultations
  • Presentations/Workshops


Note: Services can be made available from a distance (Skype/phone) and in-person. Logistics, package options and cost depend on availability, location, needs and interests. Results primarily depend on the client’s level of investment.

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