Create your culture of consistency

Culture Development & Performance Enhancement

We work with highly invested organizations only. If you qualify for our services, we can assist you in creating a Culture of Consistency that will allow your organization to maximize performance and relationships. We can help:


  • Identify organizational strengths, struggles and strategies
  • Shape your organization’s purpose and core values
  • Increase performance at the macro and micro-level
  • Maximize communication throughout your organization
  • Implement leadership approaches to maximize efficiency
  • Increase employee motivation and satisfaction
  • Provide feedback on hiring and firing processes
  • Introduce focus and energy management strategies
  • And more


ATTENTION! We can also assist your organization with personnel evaluation (e.g. of players, coaches & staff) and administer psychological inventories in combination with directing player interviews during the NBA draft process.



  • 1-on-1 Consultations
  • Group Consultations
  • Presentations/Workshops


Note: Services can be made available from a distance (Skype/phone) and in-person. Logistics, package options and cost depend on availability, location, needs and interests. Results primarily depend on the client’s level of investment.

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