Personalized AND systematic MENTAL TRAINING and LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. For those who are determined to tap into the power of the mindAnd are committed to pushing the limits of their performance.

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Why Courtex?
Because performance is personal...

We don’t believe in cookie cutter mental training and leadership development. Instead, who YOU are and where YOU want to go MUST be at the heart of your program.

Because performance follows preparation...

We believe that SYSTEMATIC mental and leadership training is crucial to PURPOSEFUL performance. That’s the only way to achieve CONSISTENT results.

Because performance doesn't happen in a vacuum...

We believe that peak performance requires mastering DYNAMIC performance environments. The ability to ADAPT and ADJUST is key to surviving and thriving.

Our Programs

We work with competitive basketball players, coaches, executives, and teams at all levels of the game who are consumed with maximizing their mental and leadership potential. 

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Develop personalized mental skills to dominate on and off the court.


Claim your coaching philosophy and get the most out of your team. 


Maximize organizational culture and assess mental game potential.

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